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Villa Canal

Via Piave, 25
Grumolo delle Abbadesse, 36040 (VI)

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Last, but not least…cutting the wedding cake. That iconic moment before the dancing starts. But which cake shall it be? What style and decoration? Who can we trust to prepare such an important element of the celebration? We wish to share some tips with you, the same ones we give to couples who wish to learn more about the catering services Villa Canal has to offer.

Flavour first

Before thinking about the beautiful and elegant design of your wedding cake, we suggest you concentrate on the flavour. The cake will be the finishing touch to a wonderful feast and must measure up to the other courses. In Italy, we tend to prefer a sponge cake with icing and filling, or a classic puff pastry with crème patisserie or Chantilly cream. We recommend sticking to simple flavours that all your guests will enjoy.

Consider the season

Should you go for a layered cake (always spectacular!) covered with almond or sugar fondant, or perhaps whipped cream, do take into account the temperature. On a hot day, frosting could melt and your design could be ruined. In this case, one solution might be to keep your cake in the fridge until the last possible minute until the moment comes to cut it.

Your style

Specialized pastry chefs can decorate the cake with details that evoke the style of your wedding dress, bouquet or flower arrangements. You can also consult with the chef and bring inspiring photos from magazines or online.